Learn to play the Blues on the harmonica!

A textbook with all important topics for the Bluesharp!

History, structure and chords of the Blues, the special rhythm "shuffle" and the very important topic "2nd position / Corssharp". With tips and improvisation examples.

text example (.pdf - 400kb)    sound example (mp3 - 2,5mb)

For slightly advanced harmonica players

You should be able to play single notes, "Bending" is not necessary. Because of the use of a "tablature" you don't need to know the classical music notation.

You get a "Kindle" eBook plus "tablature + audio + video"

The tablature use simple symbols for the length of the tones, the channel numbers of the instrument are for the right tone. You don't know how to read classical notation!

The MP3 sounds (guitar and harmonica) and the videos (tablature + sound + "virtual showbar") helps to work out the improvisation examples.

The MP3 sounds, tabs and videos you can find online - so you can start immediately!


  • Detailed tablatureSymbols for the length of the tones and the channel number on the instrument. Plus information to "draw" or "blow" trought the channel. For a short explanation please click on the image, the whole song you can find here as PDF download.

    Tabulature "Oh Susanna" (pdf.)
  • AudioAt the left stereo channel you will hear the harmonica and the guitar, at the right stereo channel the guitar only.
    Example    Example "guitar only"
  • VideoThe sound plus the tablature plus a virtual show bar - this mix is very helpfull for learning the songs. The web address for this mp3 files and videos you will find inside the eBook.

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Extract from the prolog of the book:

"... Step by step, without any frills and detours the most important terms and playing techniques will be explained....
Especially helpful are the mp3, videos and pictures that are available for all excercises. This brilliant mix of media gives you the best chance to learn easily and effectively."

Dr. Bertram Becher, production manager and player at "Seydel harmonicas"


Blues 1 - Chords, Shuffle, Crossharp
for the diatonic harmonica / Bluesharp
tablature + audio + video

Kindle eBook

$ 8,00

Content: Prolog Dr. Bertram Becher / history of the Blues, Bluesharp players / structure of the Blues / the shuffle - rhythm / the first Blues- soli / 2nd Position - Crossharp / the first Blues- soli in Crossharp / Bluespattern / glossary

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An offer of the "Austrian Bluesharp School"